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Warren Jarrett is the proprietor of SM Audio, an importer and retailer of extremely fine high-end audio equipment, for 2-channel music listening at home. We don’t particularly enjoy multi-channel, nor in-wall systems, nor cute little background music players. We focus on the art of Hi-Fi, which we learned from our parents and grand-parents. But home stereo can sound so much better now than ever before. The old technologies have evolved with modern materials. The old sources of home enjoyment, LP records (AKA vinyl), open-reel tape (AKA reel-to-reel), FM radio and vacuum tube electronics can sound so much better than ever, that even CD cannot provide the same level of sophistication in delicacy of subtle details, attack of impressive dynamics, and accuracy of realistic tones.


Warren has been doing this since the late 70’s, but now that he has discovered premium brands of audio equipment from the UK, such as Audio Note (UK), he’s been getting rave reviews for his demos, in his Hollywood Hills audio salon, and his traveling audio show displays.

SM Audio

501 Catalina Road

Fullerton, CA  92835

Tel: 562-897-2227